Happy bday to Me

Fuck you guys! Where my thread you lazy mooleys!?? I’m sad now…and old (27)

I bet if some Asian hoe had a bday you niggas woulda made 3 threads. Probably wouldst paypal’d her some money too…smh

yo dawg i’d paypal you monies any day no homo

go to evo

and we will find the missing peanut butter together

Hey mang
Happy birthday today
Make man moist makings
And earn your pay

Happenin’ saints
Jackdrops be flappin’
Don’t need to make sense
When this bad boy’s rappin’

Eat Corn Flakes
Make us proud an’ shit
Your birthday’s today
Make a pound with it

Hangin’ back, droppin’
Bebopin’ scottin’
Twoflap on cracktown
Green and red herbs ain’t rottin’

Losin’ steam
On this pointless post


Ill save up this time instead of planning at the last minute but…I plan on going homey

Good for you.


I got you next year. And your second sentence is especially true if the asian bitch’s bday was the day Beyonce died:rofl:

So EVO basketball tourney?:lol:

:party: Happy bday bro, but that av isn’t a good look he got FUCKED.


Lol @ aw. Yo, I can beat his ass now tho. He’s old lol.

Yea homey lets do it!

@random Nigga who said "good for you"
Yea it IS good for me. Bow down

Happy… birth… day…

happy birthday
good to see a bd thread
too much stuff about white men attracted to asians faces

happy birthday. 27, enjoy it while it lasts

Happy Birthday Princess


Shout outs and happy b-day.


Happy birthday, Epi.

Eat something beyond 'dat $30 you budget.


27 is too old to be harboring that childish fantasy about beating Tyson, man.

Grow up, and focus on that chimp battle instead - like a boss.

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Id rape a chimp for free