Happy Belated Birthday MegamanDS


Thanks! Love your avatar!


Happy Super Belated Birthday


Whats funny is I wasn’t sure you were 23 actually. I took a shot in the dark. I thought you might actually be 22, but just went with 23 for some reason.


Btw what did you get for your birthday?


he just got more pos rep from me :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy belated, MegamanDS.


Nothin much, just some gift cards and cash. You gonna have a cell before or at evo?


thank you, thats 2 from you :party:

You still didn’t respond, anyways, atleast I saw you at evo. You should’ve stayed in cali


Happy Birthday dude with a boring name!


I haven’t been premium for so long, I didn’t know you could rep someone twice…


Happy birthday, I guess.

I heard you don’t like me. I don’t like hearing these things second hand. I know I’ve been at FFA before while you were there, so you could have aired out your grievances then. Oh well.

I’ll say happy birthday next year if I’m still alive.


happy birthday :slight_smile:


to my knowledge danny didn’t have anything against you.


Hey MMDS, happy three and a half months after your birthday day! :smile:


happy birthday dude!


Alright, then. I don’t necessarily trust things I hear over the Internet, but I did hear it so it had to be addressed. Peace.


happy birthday


what a debbie downer post

happy birthday!


Still got dat pic for this special occasion


happy birthday Mr.top 8!