Happy Belated Birthday


Herzlichen Glckwunsch nachtrglich, der Tiger Genozid!

Ich habe nicht die leiseste Ahnung wenn dies zufrieden stellend ausfllt alldieweil I do not speak any goddamn German.

Have a t-shirt, ol’ buddy.



Awwwww thank you! Thank you so much!
You’re great, all one of you, you really are!


I hired some exotic dancers for your dubious pleasure.



That bitch knows how to work it.


heh . . . today IS my birthday :smiley:


happy birthday both of yall.


Today’s mine too, eek’s just a dummy. :eek:


Happy birthday you bitches. :lol:


Happy birthday, guys. :smiley:


Thank you, I am as happy as an oyster!


Oysters give me the runs.


Apple juice gives me the runs.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the both of you


Hey TG, use your Paypal account to buy me a premium membership.


haha, cute. :eek:

Thanks giga, Cam.




i say we kill the guys before we have to pay their socal security

@_@ <— look in the eyes [/kill,kill]


HAPPY BIRTH DAY YOU BASTARDS! :smiley: Hope you enjoy this lil card i put together



I made something too. Here ya go.


P.S. Internet cake not included. :lol: