Happy Birfdey, SRK Vynce!


Yea ole hipster, you. :coffee:



appy berfday!


Happy Birthday!

Today’s my birthday too…


Happy birthday, Vynce and King9999!

Spend it well, guys.


Thanks fellas :).

Yesterday’s drunken croquet was a hit. It took us 20 minutes to set up the game and decipher the rules.


Happy Birthday
May your wicket cuts turn into manly scars and your mallet-swollen testicles remain large.
-Ancient Chinese Proverb


I just want to say that I would “like” every post in this thread.

But this is Vynce’s day, so only his post gets it. *still no homo, birfdey bro!


AYO for YAYO, and Thumbsup on the One-up. HBD Vynce.



My bday as well Happy Birthday everyooone!!


^Happy birthday, brah. And to an SRK staple in King9s :tup:.