Happy birthday big poppa lays aka RoninChaos aka RC aka pimpdad


wow this aint here yet

you is old

thanks for keepin gd around


Wow it has been a while since a birthday thread indeed.
And you is old indeed.


If Rc posted this website would be 1000% less gay.


Shit…Happy Birthday main.


HB Leigh.


Happy Birthday Leigh! Where are you?


Happy birthday you wandering person you!!!


Happy Birthday RC, wish you posted more often.


Happy Birfday Ronin!


as a birthday present i’m gonna not troll spam SRK for one entire day.

appreciate my sacrifice.


Yo happy birthday RC, hope you are doing well.


you faggy


oh snap son.

hbd dood.


Happy birthday!


Happy bday RC. You old son!


(Happy 365.25 Survival Day, you stair-wielding bastard.)

As cynical as you know I am, I sincerely wish that most of the things in your life are going well since we talked last time. I only say most because if everything was going well, then you’d probably be crawling up the walls by now since the human condition, unfortunately, needs some type of conflict. It’s why “world peace” is a bullshit idea spouted only by air-headed beauty queens.

I’ll push one of them down a flight of stairs as a gift for you one day. Promise.


Happy birthday to SRKGD’s absentee father.


Happy Birthday RC, hope to see you at evo.



Happy Birthday to the fastest backhand in all of SRK; the man who turned banning into an art form; the king of murdering self esteem.

Happy Birthday, RC!


HBD dude.