Happy Birthday, Canada!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow 'nucks.

Hope you all have an awesome day!

Happy Canada Day!
Day started out great and planning to party all night!

I hope no riots break out :wink:

Happy Canada Day Mother Canuckers

I’m taking it easy this year; my girl and I are having a little BBQ by ourselves. Some beers, sausage, and it’s a beautiful day here.

I’ve been randomly drunk throughout the day

smoking green like a chimney

Just came back from fireworks. It was nice.

Whats a Canada?

Some place where men chase each other on ice with sticks. I hear some bacon comes from there.

Hope it was a good one fellow Canadians.

This thread is seriously lacking…


I’m not Canadian, but Happy B’day regardless.

second year in a row i haven’t been back for canada day. Hope everyone is having a good one!