Happy Birthday Crucades!

Happy Birthday to SRK’s craziest Scotsman!

Sorry you have to work, but hopefully you can eat some haggis, play the bagpipes, and drink Dewar’s afterwards


Yo, the lethalist of weapons! Hopefully you don’t gotta beat nobody up today.

Happy Birthday, Crucades.

Yo happy birthday man!

Happy Birthday, remember to weigh the bodies down with something before you dump them in the canal.


Happy bday Cruc, the least racist white person on SRK :party:

TY guys for thread…



Dont’ worry. Off the internet, people hear “Orochi Zoolander” and they like “who”? He’s like 2 feet tall, pay his ass no mind.
Happy burfday bruh

Happy BDay bruv, may you toss some random brownie off a cliff, punch an old chavette and smash a bottle of scotch!

Happy Birthday, you Jew bashing wild Scott!

Happy Birthday


Yo happy Bday Crucades!

May your kilt bellow wildly in the wind and make all the ladies gush or something.

Blackest white Scot I’ve ever met. I have family in Scotland so when I come visit I’ll hit you up. We can talk shit about GD/Lounge and the glory of MGS1 thru 4 in front of Edinburgh castle :tup:

Happy Birthday ya mick

Happy birthday man !

HBD, kru-ka-des

Happy Bday bro…now get to work!!!

almost forgot dont go to any parties unless you got some moves



Happy birthday bro

Happy birthday! Will watch Pixar’s Brave to celebrate.