Happy Birthday Dios Weeks X


Happy birthday to both of you!


Damn…Happy birthday to the both of youse.


Too many birthdays. Knock it off.


Happy Birthday both of you. Have a good one.


If either one of you is sober enough to read this, you’re doing it wrong. Go get the beer out and celebrate like a man dammit!!



yeahhhh i’m going to have a good time when my roommate gets home from work.
i had no idea dios had the same bday as me. we’ll have to get drunk at evo.


I’m with weeks.

Happy birthday guys! I remember when I had to trouble shoot dios how to mod his PSP over aim. That was not fun times.


happy bday playboys!!! Enjoy it an do what you want to do!!!


I read this as Dios and Weeks fused into one superhuman. yeah Happy B-day to you guys. Weeks you getting on that MoH beta?


Happy birthday. Have a good one.


Happy b-day, guys.


Happy Birthday Weeks fuck the other guy!


Happy Birthday!

Mine was yesterday by the way…


happy bday guys :party:


Happy B-day, guys!


2 hit birthday combo!


oh man so fucked. this has been a great bday i hope dios enjoyed his


happy birthday! evo GO GO GO


Happy bday evo roommate and chillass mod I’m going to have to get both yall drunk as a belated gift:tup:



the day births sucked.

sorry world :<