Happy Birthday Dreamcast





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Rest well sweetie


I always wanted a dreamcast, it was so cool and japanesy


the sad thing is shes older than me!


Dreamcast got me through them early years when I first started living on my own. Thank you, completely free games. So sorry my entertainment essentially destroyed a once proud and mighty company.



I remember seeing Soul Calibur for the first time on the DC. Everyone was blown away by the graphics.


This will eventually get posted


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joNwYPdEBTc only thing worth posting.

Pretty sure it had nothing to do with the dreamcast though.

Happy birthday to a terrible system I guess.


Happy Birthday, Xbox Zero Point Five!!!

I used to leave my controller in training mode while I went to classes the first time I went to college, to level up in MvC2. Fuck all you DC haters, that console got us through some dark times.

Phantasy Star Online was such a huge game back then. wow :frowning:


Happy birthday to one of the greatest consoles ever. If any console had been discontinued in the timeframe that the dreamcast was, it would be complete shit, but the fact that they had so many amazing games in such a short amount of time means that it will forever be a legendary system. No other system ever released came out and was already godlike like the dreamcast was.

It was also the first system i actually owned in my home because the NES wasn’t mine. Confused me for a bit though. I thought gaming had jumped from the NES to the dreamcast for the longest time.


I did the same thing for the PS 2 version.


dammit I was gonna make a Dreamcast thread :frowning:

but I was too busy playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Capcom Vs. SNK 2 this morning

15 Years Later, It’s Still Thinking


Sucks that it died but it was great buying tons of games brand new for $5-20 in clearance bins. I still have a shrinkwrapped copy of CvS2 lying around somewhere.


And yeah love this system sooooo many good games. Sucked that I bought it at $200 right before the price went down.


Gonna play the best game on Dreamcast to celebrate


Man. Walking into EB on 9/9/99 to pick up my reserve was hype as fuck. Playing Soul Calibur on the unmatched clarity of a computer monitor was nuts.

Alpha 3, 3S, Project Justice, MvC2…Too strong. Capcom and Sega were the best things in the world back then.

I played the hell out of KOFDM99, too.


Sonic Adventure 1 and 2

Those games were for the most part so much fun. fite me brah


Power Stone 1&2, Shenmue and the birth of 2K Sports

Those commercials were hype too, rarely can a company find a good palette swap in their marketing to evolve from the well known tactic (“Sega!”) I always tried to ID the characters

That Gary Payton rap tho. However fuck that controller and the VMUs


Sonic Adventure, NFL Blitz, Soul Calibur and Marvel vs Capcom. X-mas was BEAUTIFUL that year (sheds manly tears0