Happy Birthday Drizzt360!


Happy Birthday @Drizzt360!

I hope you have a great day with your gf.
I’m glad that you have got your medication and mental health in a better state.
While 'm sorry that you cannot see your kids, hopefully that will change in the future.


Happy birthday my guy. Glad you’re on the up and up and from the sounds of it you’re building a great network of support.

Keep doing what you’re doing man. We’re all rooting for you and super proud of the progress you’ve made.


Happy Birthday main…continue to be positive.


'Grats on another year!

Keep ‘em comin’!


Congrats on another year down. May your future keep going up.


happy birthday man. get yo cake.


When he finally flash kicks super


Happy birthday, man! Glad you made it around the sun again, one day at a time :sunglasses:


Thanks Y’all.


Also, no cake for me. I like brownies on my birthday.

Thanks for makin’ this thread @Dangerous_J. Gives me a nice warm feeling inside.


Brownies or “brownies”? If you catch my drift


Just regular fudge brownies. Even though I dont think pot is bad and I did smoke it a lot I haven’t messed with it since I was taken to the mental facility. I’m just trying to stay away from all substances that are not prescribed to me.

Get my meds straightened out and maybe I’ll smoke pot again. Not sure though.


Good. Keep that shit up.


Happy birthday. Glad to hear you have your shit together.


Happy birthday bro


Happy Belated Birthday dude. Keep on that wagon!


Thanks to anyone that posted in here. Y’all made my birthday a bit better and not as depressing.


We may all bitch, moan, complain about and flame each other but what dysfunctional family doesn’t?


How old…


I’m now 39.