Happy Birthday ElTrouble




I swear, Djfrijoles has an entire FOLDER in his computer dedicated to pictures of topless buff guys.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. At this point in life, I’m just getting older, and I start caring less about bdays, lol. But I guess I should celebrate with a dinner and/or getting wasted.


Don’t forget the folder of bottomless fat guys. He and CigarBob still communicate regularly and remain very close friends.


Prefferably the latter though, right?


dont mind if you do


wuddup Eugene ! Happy BDay from Chaahhlie Murphay ! and the Norcal Crew ~

Take an extra shot for us tonight ! =D


[07:54:24 p.m.] Rizwan: No doubt.
[07:54:31 p.m.] Rizwan: give eltrouble happy bday for me
[07:54:33 p.m.] Rizwan: lol


Happy birthday man.


I just noticed the avatar in your profile and couldn’t help but laugh. Best episode in comedic TV history.

Who’s Rizwan? lol. Related to Riz0ne?


Riz0ne. aka to me Riz-Juan

random edit:

3:23 is lulz



Happy Birthday chief!


Happy birthday, pal!


Happy belated birthday!