Happy Birthday goodm0urning!


Also happy birthday to Kim Tae Yeon.

Hope its been a good one so far bro :tup::party:

Mines been pretty dope :smokin:


Happy Birthday bro.

Now all we need is a member called h@ppybirthday so we can make a thread called “Good Morning h@ppybirthday!”



goodm0urning excels at man moist making.

This is a good thing.



happy birthday

up up and away~


Happy Birthday…:party:


Happy birfdey, Pherai.

You too, oh, most literate 0ne of the thread title.

As I see it.


happy birthday goody



Happy birthday everyone!!! Enjoy your party + cake


You are getting too old palette swap Ryu.


Happy birthday sir.


So do we get him a stripper dressed like Super man or Louis Lane? I know what we do, we get him a hooker with a laptop on her head that way he can get a blowjob and read TVTropes at the same time.

Happy Birthday!

Pherai, no idea where we can get you some K-pop idols but happy birthday!




I find BD self indulgent. But I will take the opportunity to voice that I enjoy your posts. Keep at it Normal Person.


Happy Bday!


happy birthday

are you going to do something nerdy such as read superman comics, or do something smart such as engage in a fierce intellectual debate, or are you going to get super drunk instead?


Happy Birthday!