Happy Birthday Mafia Vynce


I remember when I first met Vynce, there was actually a stenographer who recorded the epic meeting:

But don’t think he spends each of those 12 hour shifts working dilligently:

Also I forgot to mention, every time I see your name on SRK it makes me think of the villainous head of security from from The Secret World of Alex Mack played by John Marzilli. So happy birthday alcoholic pedophile, from being one of the most passive aggressive posters without anyone noticing to making RockB your bitch to defending gingers everwhere it’s always a pleasure reading posts from one of SRK’s finest. And if you’re not drunk enough to say and/or do something that drives your wife to divorce you, then you’re too sober, so keep drinking till you have sovi3t goggles.

You made a wise choice this generation Septimus Prime would be proud :party:

Lynch Vynce I have irrefutable evidence gingers have no souls


Happy birthday, SNKer.


Maybe you’re older than me now? Is that how this works?


Remember that thread where the online weirdoes made fun of that guy for graduating and taking a photo with his mom after,


those guys don’t live the life.



have a good one man


What can you say about a man who drinks Steel Reserve?

Buy yourself a fucking Milk Stout Nitro you beer-cancer-taste having person. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday.


Oh and Happy Bday @King9999‌ too.


Happy B-day man…don’t get too fucked up. Also clean out that cropped jacket now and again!


Lynch Vynce. He Mafia. No Happy Birthdays allowed.


lol…Thanks guys!

I’m not a pedo though. Wtf/

Oh the Darth Chef thing :roflol:





Happy Birthday Vynce

Jeez Buddy, you sure put on some weight!


I’m wearing (khaki), red, black, and white today. This didn’t even dawn on me until I saw that GIF.


Happy birthday hater!


Happy birthday, redhead cross dresser


Happy Birthday Vynce!

Dont go Riot of the the blood though


Happy Birthday bytch.


Have a standard, happy birthday Vynce!


Heard Kyo has cake for you in his ribs. Go look for it!


Happy B)-day Vynce :tup: