Happy Birthday, Orochizoolander


With a Capital “O.”

Small in stature, big on really, really, ridiculous good looks. I hope you’ve had a great day. You’re among the very best posters in all of SRK, and you kind of got me lynched in a mafia game. And that’s a big deal B).




Happy Birthday Ozzy.


Happy Birthday Zoolander…


If I’m insincere about my birthday wishes, I promise to leave SRK forever.


Happy birthday. I hope you have a good year. :slight_smile:


*Happy Birthday OZ! *


Happy Birthday Bangladeshi Brother!




Happy Birthday Mr. Zoolander!

P.S., I’m sorry for your loss.


He said he was 26

none of you went with, what, inches tall?!

and that is why you lose. On his day. He still mad short though.


Oz got killed on his birthday.

How shameful, but its an appropriate birthday gift… !


Congratulations on having your own birthday thread and happy birthday!


Getting your own thread is pretty sweet. Birthday!


Happy Birthday OZ! May you have many more years of trying to lynch Pistol Shrimp and then editing yourself out of the game!


Happy birthday Oz! Sorry for killing you with my turret :sad:


Happy Birthday OZ



Happy birthday, OZ!

Enjoy some bong hits on Vynce!


Happy birthday dawg! Here’s your present.[details=Spoiler]



what is this, a thread for ANTS?!