Happy Birthday Puncher of Crotches!



May all the best booty and bud come your way on this day

You ancient motherfucker :cool:





lol thanks Spiderman.


I wish you luck and plenty of punched crotches.


pls not mine…pls…i still need to make little niglets with mine


Don’t worry man, you seem to having enough trouble with Iggy anyway :tup:


Crotchpuncha probably Likes, Agrees and Lols more of my posts than the rest of you combined. He is a man of good taste, here’s a gif gift.


My brother. Happy Birthday! We need to get some gaming in at some point, damn.


Yea man we do. I need to get fuckin PS+ yo.




Trained him myself. He still has much to learn tho. I kept the true dark arts from him. Behold! The BallBuster!

Nothin worse then gettin cherry tapped in the balls man.


Happy Birthday CP!


Happy birthday Angryliberal’s secret lover.

Ikaruga>>>>>>>>>>Radiant Silver Gun

I’m sure this thread will go swimmingly


What about my thread


What about my thread


What about my thread


Happy birthday man! Make it a good one!


You better go hit up Lindy’s on 4th for the bomb ass burgers.

Hapoy birthday!


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Happy Birthday, RadiantSilverguncrotchpunchaniggathatalwaysgivesmeshitforarguingwithdumbniggasinthevgthreadnigga…

You da real MVP.


You really not so bad yourself Po. :tup: