Happy Birthday RoninChaos!

Happy Birthday to that Big whitey. Leigh! Go play kingdom hearts 2 and get crunk :lovin:

Happy birthday dude

Have an awesome ATL birthday!
Pass the bluntz…

Happy birthday!

Your anal sex adventure is what made me start posting and reading SRK more!

Go Sandy Springs whores!!!

I was thinking about calling her and just swapping my box with rocks and the original cardboard inside for another xbox.

But you took up on that and she took down her offer.

Happy b-day to a moderator that regulates with the best of them on srk.

Have a Safe Birthday, RC!

Happy B-Day, yo…

Happy Birthday. Haven’t really seen you in WoW. I’ve returned from my break. Hope to see you online.

Happy Birthday.

Happy B-day and may your back get well soon. :tup:

Happy Bday, Ill send 25 rippers to your place :tup:

25 rippers?

What, does he owe you money or something?

Happy B-Day, RC! I’d make you an av for you bday present, but you still haven’t PM’ed me what you want, lol!


Happy Bday man.

happy birthday.


Man, fuck white people.

Happy birthday.


May the day be filled with endless ho’s and stairs.

…In that order.

:party: Happy Birthday! :party:

happy birthday, ronin is too real.

Fuck you, whitey. You never answer my calls because you have minority screening on your phone.