Happy Birthday RoninChaos!

Hos and stairs bro.

Man’s Man and Mod’s Mod

I’m on my way to get plastered. I’ll make sure I post up when I’m trashed.

Thanks for the b-day stuff and all that everybody.

Happy Birthday…main.

Fuck whitey, always trying to keep a Canadian down. And by that, I mean happy birthday negro.

Happy Birthday sugar. Make it a great one :party: :party:

happy birthday you fucking honkey

Happy Birthday whitey.

OMG other whitey posted. this is a miracle

Great White Hope, Happy Birthday bitch.

Happy B Day Leigh

Happy B-DAy RC

I actually think all people named whitey are pretty funny are you related to that dude on Sons and Daughters?

Happy B-day, Leigh!

Old bastard.

Happy B-Day man. Give’em the real-ness

Happy birthday, man. Hope it was a good one.

Happy B-day! May you RC all of life’s troubles.

I hope you got really toasted and made a lot of long distance phone calls!

Happy B’day!

Wait a fucking minute, you live in San Bernadino? I was in 29 Palms a few months ago dammit. You need to post more often(like, at all). ;_;

Happy Birthday Ronin Chaos.

lol, whiteys.

Hope it was a good one RC.

Not as trashed as I want to be. Fuckin’ Georgia on sundays fucking sucks.