Happy Birthday Shaft Agent!


Let the calf gods rain down many beautiful calfs today.


Happy Birthday…:party:


Happy Red Nurse Day.


happy birthday your crazy stories filled me up with joy from the old thread.


A special happy birthday to the master luthier calf lover :cool:


hahaha yesssssss! :woot:

i probably won’t see any nice ones today because it is cold and raining outside. i’m gonna go to the mall and get a big cookie :cool:


Happy berfday meng, you really can turn a thread around like no other.


Happy birthday! May good stuff happen to you and stuff.


thanks again guys. currently listening to my mom and sister argue over the phone. neither one of them has said ‘Happy Birthday!’ as soon as i said hello they started yelling at each other. i ain’t even mad. look at all these beepers i got, sonnnn :cool:


For the love of god, why?


Whathe fu- ?

Yo, happy birthday.


Dibs on the yarn mouse to the left. That thing is dope :cool:


Happy Birthday!


That cookbook is baller. edit: Betty Crocker wtf :lol:


i went treasure hunting yesterday. i also got some credit card swiping machines and some RC cars. more pictures will come when i find more treasure.

ha! that’s twine, not yarn. also thanks for reminding my my cat’s dead maybe :cool:

shaddap, foo.

also my neighbor called me a minute ago and told me she was outside. i opened my garage door and she brought me this pimp cake, and told me my mom called her and made her buy it. also she said my mom called me a brat, because i didn’t answer the phone. i was at the store! :rofl:


Happy Birthday, old man.:tup:


Happy Birthday sir! My asian wife greets you too!


Yep. That transparent, ice blue one, that was me, circa 1994. Glad you still alive to spread your appreciation for the lower portion of woman’s appendages (I don’t celebrate birthdays). :tup:


Happy Bday guy who I always get confused with agantk7 (who doesn’t post anymore but supposedly got tons of bitches everyday lol.)


HBD Foo. If you can read this, you ain’t drunk enough.