Happy Birthday, Shatterstar!


Happy birthday to our very own @shatterstar

He’s spending his birthday in the hospital, still fighting his rival, cancer.

We raised about $500 on Saturday for his hospital bills. If you guys can help him out more by donating some more money, I’m sure it would make his birthday brighter. http://www.crowdrise.com/bishopwagner

Thanks for all you do, Shatta, and stay strong. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to my Image Mishmash mentor and all around cool dude!


thank you guys for everything:


Happy birthday mang. Hope you have a great day.


Happy Birthday! Many more of these to come :tup:.


Happy Birthday Shatta!


Happy Birthday Shatta. Keep negroinstalling dat cancer.


Happy birthday, Shatter. Here’s to many more.


Man, we should have just had a birthday stream on top of the other one.

Happy B-day, Shatta!



Happy Birthday, Shatta. Get better so we can co-op dat Bayo 2!


thanks again!