Happy Birthday SRKev and Las Vegas Pimp!

Happy birthday to both of you, I hope it’s a good one. This forum would be a worse place without either of you so here’s to more birthday wishes to you both in the future!


Happy birthday to what’s most likely the 2 most ballin’ dudes in the SRK Secret Santa!

chucks a duece
Happy B-day fellas
walks it out

  • :bluu:

I remember when we were 20 and turning 21 was a big deal for a lot of us. Here we are in our mid 20’s now, damn time is flying.

Happy B day yall

That Vegas Pimp guy can go suck a dick for his bday :frowning:

Happy birthday to both of you.

ahhhh shyt happy b day playaz!!

Happy Birthday you two…:party:

Happy birthday, yo.

:party: hard, guys!

Happy b-day sons. Do the ricky bobby.

Happy Birthday yo.

Happy Birthday!!!:dp::lp:

Happy birthday fellas.

happy birthday to my gilroy brotha and LVP :party:

Happy celestial revolution day, dudes!

As I see it.

Thanks guys.

I’m hella old now.:shake:

Happy B-day you guys!

Happy Birthday, homies. SRKev, you should hook up with another hot chick that works at a bank and post pictures. And LV Pimp, well…stay pimpin’.