Happy birthday Synonym


Here’s hoping the GoC gives you a civilian win as a belated present, bytch!


Post 09er’s don’t get birthday threads.

Get the fuck out of my country, arsehole.


I’ll remember that on your birthday. :coffee:


Happy Birthday, bytch! Here’s to another year of oppressing aborigines and saving lives.


Thanks MP and Vynce. Like AC said, I’m not really sure I warrant a thread but it’s certainly appreciated.


An ugly Aussie who makes as many bad reads as good ones in mafia games.

Happy birthday guy with British accent who isn’t from Britain land.


FUCKING WHO :rofl::wtf::rofl:


I thought this thread was about different ways to say happy birthday. am dissapoint.


got damn, wasn’t ready for that

Happy Birthday, mafia scum. LYNCH HIM!!!


Happy Birthday Synonym :tup:


This looks like some scum yomi before the next game to me gratz Syn :tup:


Happy Birthday Syn.


Mike Jones


I thought Happy Birthday Synonym was a legit question.

I was wracking my head trying to think of one.


Da fuq?

Why is this so plain and not filled with the normal…" SOON." pic?

Happy Belated Syn, I wanted to respond to this when it went up but T mobile is an evil thing and I was Hiking in the woods so I was pretty much dead to the world.