Happy Birthday,The Epidemic (I think)



Hey man. I think it might be your birthday. Unless it was yesterday or tomorrow or whatever. Anyway, I’m marginally more confident you turned 29 today(?)

Enjoy your last days as a 20-something and enjoy yourself.




Come, have a cake


And remember


I hope you catch gonorrhea Happy Birthday yo!


29? The End is nigh my brother…

enjoy your camille honey mint tea imported from the uncharted island of Barcelonia and cookies hand baked from one of you’re concubines while you fornicate on the new satin tiger sheets


I made you a cake.


I am REALLY hungry for some cake right now :mad:

anyway happy bday


@vynce thanks homie…it is today btw lol.

@hecatom that might be the best looking cake I’ve ever seen

And some new Chamomile tea sounds quite lovely.


Congrats, you’re that much closer to death.


I actually can’t climax without getting my arm broken now


I know the feeling all too well.


Happy Birthday Queen of Queens.




cake not found but I got some snicker/gold medal ribbon ice cream :mad:


Don’t jinx me nigga! Although I’m pretty sure I won’t get a blk broad preggers. @matriarch what’s good with some of your single friends native reservation walls? It’s my born day after all. If there are none…you can present your body to me.


Too bad you’re one of those chocolate milk niggas. Black don’t crack but Yoo-Hoos spoil.

Happy birthday!


^^Epi on his bday dancing to entertain an esteemed guest, aka massa, cuz he didn’t wanna get his ass beat 29 different ways. Birthday hits, son :coffee:


And when the girl is too busted for a broken arm to fix, Allen resorts to more extreme erotic acts:

Happy Bday million, I mean Carlton Banks I mean Ollie Williams. Hope to see you at Evo again someday :tup:


Your avs face and that gif…It’s just too much. LOL


Happy B day nigga! Go get yo dick wet with your kinky fetish stuffs


Happy B-day cuz! May all your concubines receive your seed graciously.


29 years in, Magic Johnson still here.

you ain’t get him yet