Happy Birthday The Martian!


Since you aren’t a dickbag here’s a thread just for you.

So I hope you spent it like this.

And with people you care about. Congrats.


Happy 21st Birthday to the Martian!

Now If you don’t get drunk or get blazed, or get to “shot web” tonight, it’s on you homie!



Happy Birthday! Don’t think I haven’t noticed you neglecting to add me on PSN.

…****** B).


SRK’s Favorite Cammy and Spiderman fan! Happy Birthday bro, enjoy it!


Now all you have to look forward to is the senior discount. Get hype.


Footage of The Martian’s party

Happy Birthday bro :tup:


Happy Birthday! Don’t get TOO fucked up…


What, you just expect everybody to just believe you were born?

Pics or it didn’t happen.



Happy birthday :tup:


Happy birthday. I hope you found much manmeat during your escapades.


So we do Bday threads for nobodies now?

Happy birthsday guy who is notable on SRK for being a banned fa…bundle of sticks. No matter how drunk you get I hope you don’t pull a sovi3t AKA a Kaz AKA a randomnigga and wakeup next to a hippo.


Is a Rhino acceptable, OZ?


Happy Existence Day Martian. How old are you in spider years?



Being a “somebody” on SRK isn’t something to brag about.


What are you doing? Its your 21st birthday. You shouldn’t be reading this right now go while you still can!


Another person I don’t know.

Happy Pooped out ya mom’s queef hole-Day Martian.


And who in the blue fuck are you? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


Hey everybody,

I just snapped a pic of The Martian’s new bubbler he got for his birthday:





Something with a little more of your style:



Happy birthday!