Happy Birthday to Magnetro! Finally 21 years old, go drink

Ok, lets start off by plugging the Joo/Magnetro marvel DVD cause that’s what Magnetro would do first.

Now that that’s out of the way, happy birthday from your best friend! Aren’t you glad I am the one that made this thread for you out of all the people here? Mr. Top 8.:party:

For those of you that don’t lurk the mvc2 community, Magnetro (or magnetro2k) is one of the most innovative combo maker and has been making combo vids since he was 15 years old. He has had his combos stolen by most top players that play Magneto.

“His gameplay reminds me of Yipes” - Demon Hyo (Feb. 26, 2010)
“I think his magneto is better than Yipes” - MMDS

Very tempted to post a pic of him on his birthday, but he might go tell a certain mod on me…

So lets all post and say happy birthday!:party::party:

Oh shit…Happy Birthday best Pyro player I know on SRK!!!

Happy Birthday good sir!

Damn, hes that young???:wtf:

Nonetheless, Happy B-Day! :party:

Happy Birthday!

You can be surprised…

Happy birthday Magnetro, so young and accomplished a good amount! :cool:

happy birthday.

yeah just wished him happy birthday while it’s 20 minutes before his birthday

felt like this guy: [media=youtube]UbQC9clc4fI[/media]

this thread title…

im 19 turning 20, been drinking for four years. (australians are notorious alcoholics.)

happy birthday dude!

Happy Birthday, David! I’ll buy you a drink when I see you at Evo, my friend… even if you don’t drink, lol.

Younger == more time to think up shit hehe

Happy Birthday cuz hands him a Psycho Crusher mixed drink

Psycho Crusher Recipe


High Ball Glass
Fill half way with medium chunk ice
Fill with 1/2 glass of Blue Curraco
Get a spoon and hold over the glass with the bottom "up"
Pour the rest of the glass with Alize on TOP of the spoon.
Stir VERY lighlty to get Psycho Crusher Effect

  • :bluu:

happy bday :party:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy b-day dawg.

Marvel por vida.