Happy Birthday to me

Well, i’m 21 now. I wonder how I should celebrate today.

U should eat a whole birthday cake alone.

Is that what you did?

Go to Las Vegas get drunk, gamble, and have random sex with random whores.

Actually I did nothing. Its just another day. I just ignored everyone’s phone calls. But if u really have the impulse to do something… Idk I never really had fun in my life. Like Joserufus said. Have sex with random whores. Go to a whore house. Tell ur friends to pitch in. Ask for a birthday kiss from every hot chick u meet.

Or u can play a prank on ur friends. Don’t show up to ur party. tell one of ur friends to tell the others that u got in a car crash and ur in the ER. Then come get to the party on time. Don’t go to strip clubs. There expensive and a tease. Well what do u like. Obviously fighting games. Go to bar fights.

Happy birthday!

Booze and strippers.

Get drunk and then get raped.


Coincidentally today is my birthday too :sweat:

you two should have sex then without condoms…

I agree with Rcaido. Condoms are for pussies

Jump off a bridge, into a body of water.

happy birthday :party:

get some tranny to dress up like poison and …

play final fight!!!


just another average Saturday

If you have a significant other you can get sex from them

But since today’s Saturday you should be doing that regardless, so

yeah, it’s just another average Saturday

cool i love Facebook

Turned 18 yesterday >=D Take that, old assholes. I WILL BE YOUNG FOREVER

play super shitty fighter 4


I don’t understand what’s supposed to be going on in here!!

Yes… Yes they are.

I’m late to the party, but HBD Juri. I hope you had a ton of fun and lived to remember most of it. :tup: My 21st found me suffering my first NDE. Thank you Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Senor Jose Quervo. :wasted: