Happy birthday to me.


And to Alpha, too. Just turned 20 like, 2 minutes ago. I figured with the success of TG’s b-day thread, maybe all the taggers can get net cake. :smiley:


Happy birthday Infini and Alpha!

Net cake for joo. =)


Happy Birthday mang.

You know…today is a special day for you…it was a day that you were brought into this world…Cold, Crying, and With No hair. But now, you’ve turned into a badass muthafuckin taggin machine :smiley: Hope you have a very pleasant Birthday man…

Eat Lotza cake, Ice-cream…and hope joo gets some moonies…if not…hope for a NEW sprite from capcom…shea like that’ll be the day :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Don’t really know what I’m gonna do today, probably the usual stuff. Gonna go and see a movie too.


Happy Birthday to both of you, my birthday is just in 2 more days.
Mmm, yum! Net cake! :slight_smile:


Happy BDay.


happy bday 2 the both of you, much love<3


Happy birthday to both of you and have a good one at that,but i’d prefer icecream cake instead.


happy birthday to you both


Happy bday man, on the 12th my sister and nieces showed up with a bday cake and ice cream because they didn’t do it on the 10th. Make sure you get on them fools and get with your brother and tell em, We want our ice cream and cake now goddamit!!


Ya, we got our cake. Marble cake, with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream to be exact. :smiley:

BTW, this is Infini (didn’t feel like logging on). Thanks to everyone for the b-day wishes, I didn’t see them till just now (Alpha was using the PC). :slight_smile:


eh sorry for saying this late but Happy b-day :stuck_out_tongue: !! MMMM MMMMM sounds like good cake ^_^.



I may be too late…

Happy B-Day Dragoon Bros. :]


Yay! Tomorrow’s my birthday. Even though it says it’s my birthday on the Birthday Chart, it’s tomorrow. I live in Tucson, Arizona, so we’re behind. :stuck_out_tongue: