Happy Birthday to the Lord God, Ed Boon


Infallible in all ways, you lead us to greener pastures my liege.

Long live the Immortal Archmage.


Screw him for ditching the MKX PC community…


This is GD you moron


@Kromo please educate this infidel worshipping his false god, your god may be inferior to the mighty Rin but there is still some measure of divinity there.


May someone give him a rusty crowbar shoved waaay up the asshole as best birthday present.


Your dad doesn’t need a thread here Black Jag.


mkx is on the wii? no wonder that shit is ass


Oh yeah the Mileena UKK:



Death to the profligates.
Death to Mortal Kombat and its poor pc support.


Happy birthday to Ed Boon, may them Rock Lee eyebrows stay forever!




Happy Birthday Ed Boon,
Hope we see MKX season 3.


Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung!!!


Is that character’s name OREGON?

What a nooB


Dear Boon,

We hope you die today.


PC users


Happy birthday, you lying son of a bitch

  • PC, PS3 and Xbox360 users


This is going as well as the Wyclef Jean AMA.


You will never be forgiven Boon. NEVER.


Happy birthday, Ed.

Gozer as the guest character for season 3 DLC


Praise be unto he who put the PC gamers in their place by putting the pure glorious consoles above the Frankenstein monstrosities.

Celebrate I will, the day of your birth.