Happy Birthday Vynce, Azure and King9999!


Happy Birthday to SRK’s favorite ginger!


Happy Birthday Azure!

Happy Birthday King9999!

Hope you chaps enjoy your day tomorrow!


Thanks, Dangerous!

(Still going to need an official on-the-actual-date, and unofficial on-the-date thread.)


What? :confounded:

17th? :chainsaw:

Dammit. :party:

Thanks, J. :coffee:


You know how I do. :coffee:

20 more minutes.


Thanks! I *finally *get a birthday shoutout after being here for so many years.


Happy birthday dudes.




Y’all niggas getting old. Save for Vynce the Immortal Ginger. Drinks the blood of other gingers to maintain his youth. Ole "There can be only ONE!!!" lookin ass ginga.

Congrats to Azure. A toast to another year of feasting upon iron and Brazilian women. King9999 is someone. Happy One Year Closer to Death Day!


Y’all niggas old.

HBD to you all. One step closer to death!