Happy Birthday

Has anyone else noticed that Wolverine can’t do his standard B&B on two characters? If you get two in a combo and you try to do drill claw > dive kick you’ll only hit the assist with the drill claw not the point character and he point character will fall out of the combo causing the dive kick to whiff. Has this always been this way? Or is this a little hidden nerf somewhere? I always remember wolverine being able to kill two characters with ease. :confused:

Correct. You can’t use his BNB because the assist will drop out after drill claw. So whenever your birthday comes early this year, use a different combo. The following one for instance:

cr.L, st.M, st.H, st.S
j.M, j.H xx Fatal Claw
(land) st.S
j.M, j.H xx Fatal Claw

yep hidden nerf, still easy to birthday them though