Happy Bruvday, regulate!


HBD mane!


Happy Birthday bruv!


Happy birthday to the only Mexican I like.


Imma buy you some collagen injections nigga.


Happy birthday dawg…

Wtf is this shit your Mexican? This gonna be as bad as when I found out that Furious was a nigga. :cry:




Holy fuck.

'Grats, Bruv of bruvs!

You’ve made it into another year of this waking, dying dream. :tup: :tup:

One year older, and another year closer to:


Also I don’t think I have ever cried about not having a birthday thread, I don’t even celebrate that shit. Can’t have these high school girls knowing how old I really am.


Happy Birthday, Regulate. Thanks to you, I always look forward to Sundays. :tup:


Feliz Cumpleaños Cebo.



What’s the month and day, then, bruv?


happy born day @regulate.

Let one of my trophy concubines serendade you!! Cheers!!




Happy BDAY!


Happy Birthday Brandon Rush! 31

Which I made that wine sign for bruvgulate one year because it was a template of the Neesa wines label making too.


Saved a bottle :tup: It was a good Neesa year


Thanks bruvs :blush:


Happy birthday Reg.


Happy day after your birthday!


Happy bday nigga :party:


[quote=“The_Furious_One, post:13, topic:180366”]

Happy BDAY!




Haddy Bruvday Bruv!