Happy Canada Day!


No work today.
How old is this place now? 120-something?
I dunno.

Drink beer.

You too, as well as to all the other Canucks out there!

Happy Canada day fellow Canucks!:party:

yeah… what a wonderful day for us canadianz

beers start getting cracked at noon, when the UFA’s start flying :slight_smile:

I find it funny that Canada Day is so close to America’s 4th of July.

I will drink a Canadian beer tonight in honor of the occasion.

Happy Canada day to fellow Canadians!

Last time I went to the States, I found out that Labatt (canadian beer company) makes a Lime beer, but they do NOT sell it in Canada :frowning:


that’s a good thing. lime beers are gross. Gotta just stick with corona and a lime.

So what’s everyone doing for Canada Day?

Happy Birthday, Canada! She is now 143 years old.

The new HST kicks in today…

lame…I love how McGuinty states it will create jobs, and the ‘savings’ will be passed on to Canadians…lmfao, it means one thing, more profits for businesses, and tax income for the government. NOTHING beneficial will come out of this

Glooooooooooooooooorius and Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (to some extent)

Happy Canada Day!!! :party::woot::encore::party::clapdos:

i haven’t really kept up on it. but didn’t we go down to 14% tax and now this just bumps it back up to 15%?

Mcguinty is a snake btw…how the hell is he still in office?

Yeah, it’s awesome how McGuinty is slipping in the HST on Canada Day… is he hoping everyone will be too drunk to notice everything is too expensive??


I forgot today was Canada day, I gotta start making some calls to see where the party’s are at. In the meantime I gotta go get some Ganja.

happy b-day mexico north

Yo, no trolling.

Yes, and also things that were taxed under PST or GST and not the other, are now affected by both. Next time I go grocery shopping, that shit is gonna add up. I’d like to see what video games sell for.

cuz we haven’t had a provincial election yet.

Congrats Canada, you guys are a-ok. :tup:

yeah i thought so…but how the fuck?? Hasn’t he been in office since like 02?