Happy Canada Day!


Canada is now 145 years old. Happy Birthday. :party:

Are you doing anything special today? I’m going to a town picnic. Not sure what to expect except free food.


why couldn’t you fags wait for another 5 years? better yet, why couldn’t you wait another 55 years to celebrate a more significant year?


Fuck Canada.



gonna be celebrating tonight, last call at 4am baby!


So we should all go drink Molson Canadian and punch a bear in the face? I’m in.


I think an entire country ganging up on one bear is probably going a little over the top if you ask me, stops being a acheivement when you can’t see the bear for people punching the poor thing in the face.


that place we call mexico north and I apologise to all the mexicans out there



How old does this make you, in Crown Years?