Happy Easter! SF4 Easter Eggs!

so Easter is almost here and last night my wife decided to decorate some eggs and asked me if i wanted to help out. I said sure but didnt really have any idea what to do. So then i thought hmm el fuerte might look good as an egg!


I liked how it looked when i was done so then i decided to keep going



then my wife decided to help out





in the last picture the one with the hat in the bottom is me. my wife made that one too.

well just wanted to share that with everyone and Happy Easter to all!

Haha rockin’

Haha, those are awesome. Really good stuff.

Happy Easter :slight_smile:

What do you get when fuerte tostada’s the whole group in that pic?


do a blanka roll

They are so fricken awesome XD

Great job man!!! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I’d like to see a Zangief one. I guess I’ll make one for myself.

I love how viper looks really fat

Those are amazing, the Chun Li and ElF are the best imo.

Thats really awesome! thanks a lot :smiley:

Sagat’s hilarious

Dude those are pretty damn good. Kudos on the cool idea and execution.

oh man, do a gouken!

These are better than the thumb fighters included in the special edition of ssf4 lol.

Great job. You and your wife are a great couple.