Happy Ending rcaido!


Happy birthday honey :party::party::party:, you rike happy ending? Me love you long time- Asian wife


did this ninja make his own birthday thread??? Wooowww… happy b-day man, hope your day has a “happy ending”:rofl:


I take it you prefer to be known for having an asian wife instead of a scrubby geif?

Happy B day carpet lint’s dreams:party: and btw what was with sending me axe shower gel for the christmas thing? because if you just assumed I smell by virtue of being an srk’er then I understand:rofl:



C’mon son!


Thank you asian wife for making this thread…

Zoolander i challenge your one eye scrubby Sagat vs my sexy orange gief fto10, loser sends axe shower gel for Christmas…


Cheers to Rcaido, and one of the few srkers with a gimmick that has stood the test of time where many others couldn’t hang.

That went well…


:confused: I can’t tell if making your own birthday thread is sad or great. :confused:


I didn’t make my own thread my asian wife did…


:rofl: godlike thread.

happy birthday man


Wow, happy birthday. Asian Wife should celebrate his birthday by posting pics.


Only scrubs haven’t seen pictures of his asian wife already.

I hope to some day make the proven warriors list.

Oh yeah happy birthday.


Fuck you no one cares.

…Happy Bday :lovin:


LOL. Thread is hilarious. Happy B day man :tup:


Rcaido gives me hope that I, too, will have an Asian woman someday.


Happy Birsday!


All you niggas late, my b-day was yesterday!!!

It was alright, i got the following gifts
50" Plasma 3D TV w/ 4 3D glasses
3d Bluray Player
32" LCD w/dvd player
26" LCD
19" LCD
$880 Cash money

I rate my gift this year a B-


Belated happy b-day mister.


I call BS on the gifts. How you gonna get all that stuff and only rate it a B-?


i love my asian wife


raffle them!
or… regift!