Happy Ether Day Folks!

The straw that broke the camels back :slight_smile:


looking back 10 years, “super ugly” is such a harsher, realer and disrespectful diss track…


meh nobody even cared and jigga sounded like a wounded camel anyway


lol Jay-Z still winning 10 years later…

All of his albums have gone platinum, he owns a clothing company, he married Beyonce, and own a record company that Nas tried to get on at one point…

C’mon son…

People diss Nas with the same term he coined ‘losing’… and that’s what Nas stay doing… losing…

Nas just paying hella child support to Kelis and doing random projects with folks… I’m sure some of his albums have gone double plastic I guess… ggs Nas…

This thread is dedicated to the day and years that tormented the camel even ex roc dudes was saying when it dropped it was like Hiroshima .Btw when talking about bars not accomplishments. Didn’t know the site had some many camel fans

Ether is one of the greatest diss songs of all time

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Cmon yall. Ether still>>>>>>>>>all

bu but jay z has money :frowning:


Jay-Z getting rich off of production but dropping weaker verses as the years go by. It ain’t like the main stream ever fucked with quality anyways.

I don’t know, I think The Takeover was just as good of a diss track.

Although “I rock hos, y’all rock fellas” is way too good of a line.

But honestly if you don’t call out a guy for having sickle-cell anaemia on a diss track, then you’re just not trying hard enough.

Ether is still a relevant term. Nobody says, “yo…you got superuglied.” Nas won that battle.

I’m still more fond of: [media=youtube]9gYPipNBcLs[/media]

Loved that song

I don’t listen to rap so the only dis song i know is that one Em did on Maria Carrie cuz my little brother likes him.

Honestly, that song was hilariously brutal. Fuck dat ho.

not debating who won the battle, but jay-z can hear “ether”, chuckle and give nas a sarcastic golf clap and go about his day…nas sees a baby seat and he starts hearing jay’s evil laughter with glimpses of his carmen.