Happy Halloween Losers!

Remember to keep your booty hole safe!!!

No lunchables is worth giving up your life guys, play it say!!!

And when you are out there trick or treating and getting scared at the local haunted house I want you all to remember that Halloween has a rape culture problem you Cis normy scum!!! Stop I raping me with your face!!!


Too drunk.

I’m keeping a lookout for any of you so I can jump you and take your stash.

And God help you if I find candy corn in your basket.

That article made me want to go to a halloween party just to rape someone out of pure spite alone

This post has been reported to the authorities.

Enjoy your rape…IN PRISON!!!

Don’t forget to attack all the discount candy in the next couple of days…

I just had a dude dressed in a hoody and jeans knock on my door at 10:45 saying trick or treat. Motherfucker was at least 17 years old. I was like, man get the fuck outta here. Dude wasn’t even wearing a costume, I ain’t giving him none of my candy.

shits gonna get raped by counter culture americatown chunky (after you women, yes you are included too, females)

discount Midnight Monkey Madness, gonna get grab bagged like they never had chocolate before ever when they look like they ate last years stash the day before buying some more

and not even the dark chocolate but waxy hydrogenations that excrete online in faux anger brigade ganguro all 3 team attack hyper combo.gif





halloween over? We got one for that too snowmenopause

Me and my buddies went to a karaoke bar last night. We hadn’t been there in a while and it turned out the lady MC that used to work there was replaced by a jersey shore reject. So we were all drinking and having a great time singing Iron Maiden, Queen, etc. One of my friends ended up spilling some of his beer on the MC so the MC proceeded to put him and all of us on blast and wanted to fight me. It’s Halloween and my MO for the night is to have a great time, so I just sat back and enjoyed the show. It was an over reaction on his part and we got the crowd against him for what amounted to a thimble full amount of liquid splashed on him. Somebody ended up dumping an entire pitcher of beer over this guys head for being a big vagina. Happy Halloween, mutha fucka!

So how many girls got raped

Found some plastic in the store bought Nerds, strawberry

choke culture

Loser? 1v1 me irl pussy.

Just came across this :lol:

I remember the last time I was in Harlem during Halloween. My cousin and I where held up at gun point by 3 black kids just for our candy. One of the members in the trio was a fat ugly huge woman who had two “gold” fangs and a huge necklace that had a gold painted batteries for a pendant. She was saying “ya don’t want to fuck with lil’bezzy… or some shit like that”. Sad thing is though, those 3 kids ended up robbing a convenient store and shot the indian guy there he died and they got arrested however it was considered another case of cop racism, and one of the kids ended up rapping a Silk the shocker song (the fuck?). Bottom line, Halloween is fun but don’t trick or treat in black neighborhoods, especially in NYC.