Happy Holidays for you lonely guys

This goes out to all you guys who will be spending xmas alone playing xbox :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoy


What? Americanized asian guys hitting on americanized asian girls? Blasphemy!

Nice song and video by the way.

lol thanks

paging clint and fishjie

the only thing sucks about the Holidays, is im still the only one in my family who is still single and 28

youre not alone:sad:

I guess it’s time for you two to find someone,eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Because suparnovax said it, I feel this is now appropriette


Im not ashamed to say i enjoyed this…alot.

Fuck Christmas. One horrible year after the last, each one seemingly worse. Each one spent alone in my small apartment while my family goes out to some of the most enjoyable celebrations but refuses to take me because " there is no space" or “not enough money”

It’s a pegan holiday anyway, i don’t see why anyone cares.

I’m only 18 and reading this made me depressed all of a sudden :sad:

lol first time i spent it alone in 4 years

fuck this thread man. dragging us happy people down. feel like i have to give you guys money or something. anything. buy you a whore or two


well the vid is meant to be funny not depressing :stuck_out_tongue:

God damn. Way to bum a niggy out.

There ya go?

As I see it.

You the matchmaker now?


I don’t make the matches.

I didn’t start the fire.

But as a man far wiser than I, once said" “God does not play dice.”

As I see it.