Happy Independence Day, America!

Congrats on telling the brits to get lost.


Happy belated Canada Day, odin.

you didnt type that very drunk-like
you must be sober… and a terrible patriot

but thanks!!

I’m proud to say I live in the greatest nation on Earth! If there is a God, he surely blessed America.

canada! canada!

happy independence day america.

maybe one day, we will do the same. :frowning:



Welcome to urf.

I am a terrible patriot.
I didn’t buy any Sam Adams at the store today.

American fuck yeah come to save the motherfucking day yeah.

Commonwealth pride

Being apart of the commonwealth is heaps better than teaming up with the french and resorting to terrorism to remove the British and their evil queen.

But happy independence day America, even if you had to resort to terrorism to get it.

Happy Indie USA.

U[COLOR=White]S[/COLOR]A! **U[COLOR=White]S[/COLOR]A! ****U[COLOR=White]S[/COLOR]A! :woot: :woot: :woot:

to be fair bucket of dongs it was an evil king, had it been a queen we woulda just boned our way to independence

happy birthday america

Whats up with british people? These fucks think everything belongs to them. America, Africa, India, Australia…etc. Is england a country of extortionists and gangsters or something?

On this Fourth of July I present to you the most American anything ever [media=youtube]DN034sBeF4c[/media]

Fuck yeah, no other nation has a chance against us cause we have.

Why would he do that?

Lol the irony is lost on you.


am i wrong?