Happy Mother's Day from your Pharaoh Archduke OlderGod


Today is a special day…make sure you all send my regards to your mom’s. I’d appreciate it greatly. To the posters I have fathered over the years… tell your mom the check will not be in the mail as I don’t answer to child support laws…what Pharaoh would?

Anyway Happy mother’s day to all the moms of srk…if there are any


This thread should be jam packed… with all the bitches that post on this site. :coffee:


Happy mother’s day everyone!


Happy Mothers Day.

Some of you niggs should’ve been aborted.




@“Phantom Angel”

This is the day you was conceived yknow

Does this pic make you uncomfortable my son?


Kill this thread.


^Here goes this test tube baby


You upset at the edible arrangements I sent your mother today? What did you give her? Nothing but a hack writer as a son. Shame.

Ill be up this week so you can finish your training under me.


Raz0r confirmed as the source of misogyny on SRK. Tsk tsk.


He probably walked in on all the black guys of SRK snorting coke off his mom’s tits and running a train on her.

And Tekno impregnating his gf ,ending with
Me ruv you rong time!!!


It’s about time you knew…



So what I get from this thread is that Tyrone is non-cannon and only exists in the movies then.




By edible arrangements, you mean balls and dick right? :rofl:


Chocolate covered grapes and bananas.


If Tyrone saves his allowance he can buy that DBZ wall scroll my brother threw away

Someone else on ebay got that up.

$38 dollars, With a buncha stains.


If you buy that one you will disrespect your family.

On some mirror-mirror on the wall weirdo ish.

Your pops brother didn’t die for this.


Careful with Tyrone’s rebellious teenage years

Trying to run around with guns and knives in his after school friendster wigger wearers club

He’ll slit his mommas throat for 15 gil… dont test meeeh

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Music: linkin park (Remix from the Trunks AMV!!)

tyrones cool cousin
who already on his way to super saiyan blowouts

grow that one out into the songokus