Happy New Year, Image Mishmash

Welcome to 2006. 2005 was a strange year. We lost more old schoolers, and we got 2 new mods. 2005 saw the same decline in activity that 2004 saw, but we picked up OC and quiche, the best next-gen PsychoSqualls since EEK. Slide came back and left.

Predictions for 2006:
[]Someone will finally clean up the stickies here
]Bowling Pin will keep getting better at those digi-painting things
[]Tagmonkey will crash and we will have some activity for a while
]We will lose/get a moderator
[]Lots of started/forgotten request threads by older taggers
]SRK IMM will start seeing lots of trendwhore “stock pasted on render” tags [a year and a half late]
[*]blackadde will continue to post sporadic great works of art

Oh, and I’ll finally learn animation and how to use a 3d rendering program and I will roxor your boxors off.

Underrated tagger of 2005: Dark Dragon, even though he didn’t post much here. Hopefully he’ll show up more often.

Happy New Year.

you shame us. It should be happy fuckachunkz.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y’all.


(no props to bear…):sad:

<3 Bear

Happy new years everyone.



I miss EEK, Neroiscariot, and GigAHertz.

I miss you. :frowning:

More sprites.

You are probably confusing me with Shade, who was Shin Kairi before that.

Using sprites was rare for me, that’s why I think you confused me with him. The forum names look alike.

Shade, Slide, dammit.

Well I miss him. And weren’t you OrangeMegaslide? I miss that thin solid orange avatar you had, with the one pixel border.

Not going to happen.

have a profitable kwanza.

Make rook and quiche do it, they’re the rookie mods ;o

Bowling Pin: Yeah I’m OrangeMegaslide. I miss that av too. I don’t have access to any of my avs, since I’m stuck using a netcafe.

Would you wear an av if I made you one, Slide?

Seeing you naked all the time isn’t as hot as I thought it would be.


quiche: I don’t know. I mean, I have ideas for what I would request, cause I was actually going to hit up ytwojay’s request thread last time I was on srk a couple of days ago.

I was juggling ideas, but I know that for the stuff I want I’d have to provide the pictures because they are from comics I got on my computer. That’s why I didn’t even hit up his thread.

Plus, most of the avs I like to wear, doesn’t involve sprites. It’s all images, and most of those images you can’t even google I usually print screen from stuff, or rip them from videos and movies.

Ideas I was thinking about:

The Punisher: My man Frank is shooting a 240 out of an open window, while this friend of his(I forgot her name), she’s feeding the 240B the 7.62 rounds by holding it flush so the weapon won’t jam. I got the exact pic of that shit in one of the Punisher comics on my computer but like I said I can’t get that shit up here. If I could I would just make it myself.

Witchblade: Pez holdin the witchblade up. Or just kicking ass in an animation comic style.

Tekken 5’s: Paul Phoenix. A picture of my customized Paul using the T5 features. Taken with a digi cam and put on a computer to cut down to av size. Reminescent of my T5 Steve av you might have seen before.

Styles of Beyond: both Ryu and Tak, possibly with a mic in their hands spittin lyrics.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V, VI or VIII: just a picture of a Evo lookin fresh. Possibly some cool rally edition one taking a corner.

Tenchi Muyo Universe: Ryoko and Washu, these would be random snap shots taken from various episodes. Split screen av.

As you can see my demands for avs are always out of this world. That’s why i RARELY if ever request from anyone. The stuff i request for is always crazy to obtain for whatever reason.

The only ones that could be requestable is the Witchblade idea, Styles of Beyond, or the Lancer Evo.

I guess I’ll get back to you on this or some shit.