Happy Paddy's Day!

Have a good one everyone.

Fee diddly dee!

K past 7am thumbs up lets do this…



Shit, thanks for the reminder. Now I have to find something green to wear, lest idiotic people get their ugly hands on me.

Man, I used to love Islay scotches when I used to drink alcohol. Lag 16 was my favorite, but Laphroaig was a close second, and half the price. Nothing beats that smokey, peat moss flavor, especially paired with a nice maduro.

Yup smokey flavour best flavour, plus I can find a 10 year for like 15 quid in some places.

Already drinkin and fuckin’ my friends.

Happy St. Patricks Day!


Happy St Patty’s Day!


Started off today in a bad way. I drank too much last night and now at work with a monster hangover.

Fuck Ireland

The idea of any black people celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day is crazy. The Irish in this country got over by doubling down on discrimination against blacks. They were worse off than blacks before that.

Ultimately, I think it’s fair to point the finger of blame at those of English descent.

Nigga, I’m of Irish descent. :coffee:

Got a 6’er of Guinness. Don’t even want to drink it though. Meh.

Happy drunk day.

Totally forgot about this “holiday”