Happy Valentine's Day GD


I hope your prince charming makes all your dreams come true. You bunch of ladies.


the only prince charming we want, is you.


Bah Humbug.



Today is leg day.




Happy V-day


Was under the impression 90 - 95% of Shoryuken was permanently single.


Except for Raz0r because AP is black.


Which is funny because most Ricans got that african blood in them. It’s all good I got enough love to go around for everyone.

Edit: Except for gypsies…


One of my good military friends was from PR. Dude was awesome and got me into an 80’s metal band called Riot(not Quiet Riot) and convinced me to getting my first tattoo. He also had a long term girlfriend that had to get an exorcism. Lost touch with him once he transferred into Special Forces.


here I sit broken hearted, tired to masterbate but only farted