Happy Valentines Day!

for all those who have that special someone, heres a cover me and some friends did for Kina Grannis’ Valentine! Also Marvel at midnight tonight!



Amazon have a special on lube

Yup, happy V.D. for those who have one.


Happy “Buy Myself a Ton of Reese’s Hearts” Day!

Happy VD to all SRKers celebrating it =)
Remember, this year don’t get her chocolate, get her KFC.

My wife and I don’t d anything for V Day. It’s our oldest sons birthday today so we spend the money on him. He’s got the best day of the year for a birthday. The ladies will love it when he’s a little older.

Happy Heart Day to you lucky ones. Just don’t forget to pour out a little for the rest of us.

Me, I’m just waiting for Marveltine’s Day.

time to drown in ice cream and watch the golden girls marathon

Why is this asian guy always spamming his videos?

LOL @ Davidstar.

For those who are celebrating, what did you get your significant other? I picked up a box of chocolate from a local store that produces it’s own, and the presentation is just awesome. I might also be picking up a gift card for her to go shopping somewhere, not sure where yet. After 13 years together, including 3 years married, we have come to learn that going the expensive route is not necessary :slight_smile:

Actually have a (beautiful, lovely, amazing) Valentine this year. In years past I’ve broken up with girls around this date, but it’s nice to actually have one this year!

i got a date with a redhead, and my exgf messaged me this morning when I woke up (how’d she get my new number wtf?)

and im sick :frowning:

Happy aino heart day shoryuken!

Hope everybody here in SRK has a good <3 day today. But if you ask me, why does it only have to be just this day only? Why not make EVERYDAY <3 day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc? :bgrin:

Anyway this Aino Heart day, I decided to do something different. Rather than giving gifts to girls like I usually do, I decided to buy MYSELF chocolates and roses! Nothing that makes you feel better like a gift for thyself! :lovin:

Oh and of course, give presents to your lovely mothers. :tup:

Obligatory stairs comment.