Harada's next IP should be a fighting manga (baki,garouden,tenjou,tough) based 3d fighter.It's time!


I have said that on here before but in random threads, never in an fgd thread to try to garner some attention to it, but seeing the J-Stars Victory Vs game getting mad love, and those shonen mangas in general getting mad love, and the only martial arts based manga to really get any love (fighting game related) the past almost a decade or more was, hokuto no ken. yeah there is a ps2 garouden game, but its not refined, import only to my knowledge, and far from a great unknown fighter. there has never been a fighting game based on tough, grappler baki, tenjo tenge, historys strongest, etc…, and i think its time.

not only is it time, but harada is the man to revolutionized such a 3d fighter. he would take it to the next level. that nice blend between tekken, and those shitty mma fighters that come out. now we have recognized characters from grappler baki in games though, and those two are listed below.

GAI TENDO from king of fighters 11
he is a clear representation of baki. even his front flip kick that was yujiros famous finish him move in the early part of the series, that baki eventually learned, is put into his movelist.



**FENG WEI from tekken 5,6,ttt2. **
some of us who followed the grappler baki manga already long since saw this resemblence years ago, but it did make waves a few years ago when people finally noticed feng wei was basically retsu kaioh from grappler baki. characters similar to retsu kaioh are also gato from the kof and garou mark of the wolves series. yes a pony tailed chinese martial artist isnt exactly the newest thing ever, but id like to think someone is keeping up with their fighting manga, and are modeling after retsu kaioh, because it seems pretty obvious. especially one of gato’s supers is what retsu kaioh did to katsumi in a fight.



TAKUMA from the kof series
im adding this because i think his kof 13 design is orochi doppo to the T. i know the character is originally most likely based off of mas oyama, like shozan and doppo, but the character redesign just screams someone saw one of those two in the manga and were like, he needs to look like this.

this is kof 13 takuma



orochi doppo



someone had a little fun in mugen and made doppo a fighter using the kof 13 takuma sprite, and even when it comes to playstyle, i think takuma is more like doppo then shozan






id rather see this 3d then 2d, and i know harada is the only one who can properly give these manga franchises justice in a fighting game. harada if you can read this, please make it happen. to be able to play yujiro hanma, jack hanma, baki hanma, Shozan Matsuo, kagiroi tetsuhito (tenjou tenge) etc… in a game made by you would just bring a tear to my eye. almost every childhood manga that was popular has had its time of day, even hnk, a game i would have never saw coming from a million miles away. for us fighting manga fans we have seen so very little love when it comes to fighting games, and its shocking. bring us what i need, what we all need, what the fighting game world needs, a revolutionary new 3d fighter by you, katsuhiro harada, based on some of the greatest fighting manga characters to ever be created.

id really love to see harada be the one to give me my last dream fighting game, and even show these scrubs how to do a proper mma fighting game. i could imagine it being a bit tekken based in its mechanics and what not, but with universal grappling options and other much more detailed fighting tactics. also no launchers or anything like that where you are juggling mofos. just nice “ground” based combat (well you can have jumps and shit, but no launchers to 15 hit combos and stuff).

what do you guys think? do you just want another tekken in 2-3 years, tvsf, or some super new shit from harada?


Capcom did a Kenichi fighting game back in 2007. I never played it, I just remember reading about it back then and from gameplay video’s I’ve seen, seems like a pretty generic 3D anime fighter.


I would love to see a new Tough/Baki fighting game. Apparently, Namco Bandai seems to be working on a fighting game based on the Otokojuko series but it would interesting to see how someone like Harada would tackle seinen/shounen fighting manga.


Harada should produce the licenses Namco currently has. Put him on a Naruto or JoJo game


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