Hard Av request!

I have an Av request to Tru3. I need an Av w/ Zappa,Eddie and Chipp on it w/a reference to Jin from Tekken. Please I will be eternaly greatful if you madeit. Tru3 Thanx a lot.I’m not being greedy just needy and desprit. I just want a tight Avatar if you make 2 I will put it on my Tekken Zaibatsu acount please just one will do if anything. Thanks I really and seriously appriciate it.:smiley: You are the tightest. I open to all takers keep in mind I have no art. LAter and Thanx Oh Yeah!!!
“Tru3 you are the tightest”

I’m on it :)…

Here it is:


– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"

You are The tightest!!!

This Av is just what I suspected. Damn man good shit Good Shit indeed I going to refer you to all my friends. Damn man Good shit I 'm going to post on other peoples requst of Av to you Thanx a Lot man. Later A proud crying and screaming emphatic:( :lol: