Hard Counter Characters


Just wondering what are some of the well known hard counters to characters that have them?
Was just watching some EVO 2013 footage of Infiltration rolling PR Rog with Hakan and the announcers were talking about how Hakan was a counter to Balrog


Guile/Bison= 7.5-2.5 maybe 8-2
Blanka/Hawk= 8-2 (heard it got a bit better in Ultra, but I don’t see it being much better than 7-3)
Gouken/Hugo= 8-2
Makoto/Dhalsim= 8-2
Yun/Dhalsim = 7.5-2.5
Sagat/Zangief= 7.5-2.5 (Got a little better thanks to faster green hand and slower high tigers, but st.hk still wrecks the fuck out of Gief)
Juri/Sagat= 7.5-2.5
Rose/Fei= 7-3 (Most will probably argue this, but I think this is true)
Rose/Sagat= 7-3
Juri/Hugo= 7-3 (imo)
Abel/Rolento= 7-3 (imo)
Yun/Rolento= 7-3
Rufus/Rolento= 7-3

There are more, but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.


Cammy-Balrog is by far Cammy’s worst M/U. Maybe not a “hard counter” per se, but definitely no good for Cammy.


Elena - Dan: 9-1


I believe Oni vs Chun is oni’s hard counter?


Abel-Vega, 7-3. Potentially 8-2 as of Ultra because of the EX: COD buff along with two other really annoying buffs he got which shut Vega down a bit harder than he already did beforehand.


Zangief vs Dudley7-3
Yun -Akuma 7-3


Bison - Ibuki 7-3
Ibuki - Guile 7-3
Guile - Bison 7-3

These three are like rock/paper/scissors.
Guile = rock, Ibuki = paper and Bison = SCISSORS


Every character with a good standing normal is Hugo’s hard counter.


I dunno… I thought Hugo was like 5-5 for Cody and Yun. Yun got that amazing sMP and Cody got that great farHK to keep Hugo out. Maybe that’s just me. Hugo is certainly polarized though with some stupid matchups.


I wish you could tell this to my TO. He seems to think Hugo is the best in the game.


Well, Hugo could be the best in the game with a few tweaks. It won’t happen though.


Blanka is 3? characters worst matchups. Poison(7-3?), Deejay(8-2), Hawk(8-2) and he’s 7-3+ on Dan.


How do those characters lose to Blanka?


I think he means Blanka loses to all of those characters


slide, slide, ball, everything


Poison, dhalsim, and rose are just as bad for deejay as blanka.

Right now id say rose and poison destroy deejay the hardest.


I find Dudley/Sagat to also be a hard counter, gotta be at least 7-3 surely for Dudley.


This were hard counters in AE 2012, are they still in Ultra? If not, what changed about the matchups?

Oni-Zangief 8-2
Honda-Juri 7-3
Rufus-Claw 7-3


I never thought Oni - Gief was 8-2, shit was never as bad as Sagat - Gief. Certainly a tough MU for Gief though, but 8-2? I’d say a solid 7-3 in my book.

Rufus - Vega, I dunno if it’s much different in USF4. I mean, don’t the same issues still exist in the matchup?