Hard Drive Corruption


I recently got a LaCie Neil Poulton drive, and moved some of my files from my other external onto it. Problem is though, the folder got corrupted. Just that folder too, the Hard drive is accessible, and any other folders/files in there are accessible, just that one folder isn’t. When the Hard Drive connects, the standard Vista Disk Fixer pops up, but when I try to initiate the scan, it claims that it can’t access it and will try to schedule a disk check at start up. But everything it tries to run this scheduled disk check, it claims that, since the Hard Drive is formatted in NTFS, it can’t scan/fix it and simply cancels it. Any suggestions or ideas? The folder had a lot of shit that I don’t want to lose.


I have never used them personally but there are HD data recovery programs available online. I suggest you give one of them a shot.


try and download recovery software like ‘activ @ - bootdisk’ it worked wonders for me: http://www.ntfs.com/boot-disk.htm or http://www.mininova.org/tor/2670920 :tup:

just install, enter in the serial, run the program (win mode) and pop in a blank cdr and ur good to go :cool:


Recuva: “http://www.recuva.com/”.
This one is freeware.


I saw these, and most of these require you to either pay to get the full set of features, which actually includes the “Uncorruption”, or they look like some shady useless program.

Takahashi, I’m trying Recuva out, but I think it might only work for accidentally deleted files, my files aren’t deleted, just corrupted. Of course I could always delete the corrupted files and then try to use recuva, but I don’t know if that’ll work or just get me back the corrupted files.


Have you tried bad copy pro?



long time user as long as its fat or ntfs and can be mounted

saved my ass many times…

you can try before by off the site anyways


Samething applies, won’t allow me to actually recover the files unless I have a copy.