Hard drive format program


im trying to format my 500GB seagate external hard drive from NTSC to FAT32 (for my ps3)
Im having trouble finding a program to help me do this. i tried swiss knife and it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Are there any other good programs out there you guys would recommend?


You have to change the volume type to ntfs; use windows disc manager to delete the existing volume, create a new simple volume of type NTFS, and then format it. Use Start->Run->“mmc diskmgmt.msc” to get to the disc manager


^ do i still have to use swiss knife to do the FAT32 format? for some reason after i install swiss knife and open it once, after that every other time i try to open it. it stops working and crashes


No you dont need swiss knife, just follow Toodles’s guide. Windows disk manager, or Disk utility in Mac OSX should do the trick.


^ after i make the simple volume. it only gives me the option to format it to type exfat?


Odd, did you delete the partition itself?


i deleted the volume. there are no partitions on the drive


m still stuck on this whole getting my hard drive to FAT32. i got some tips from the tech thread but they dont seem to be helping. any other tips would be awesome.
it seems like i figured it out. but i was only able to make it about 32GB in size. is there a way i can make it bigger?


What size did you make the partition? Do to Disk Manager and delete the whole partition and simply make a new partition out of the entire 500GB, then you format it to FAT32.


I’d personally use a Gparted live CD for formatting drives.

Does the PS3 really only support FAT32? That seems kind of stupid. I thought they’d at least support ex2 or ex3.


which version of swiss knife are you using? and what OS are you running?


No fancy software or anything is needed. Just good old windows disk utility since he just needs a very basic reformatting.

If you’re only getting 32GB, you didnt delete the entire original entire partition.


Ah, how I long for the days when the proper answer to this would have been “Format drive:”


The good old days. When Mac users would attack windows and PC users for being 'tards and “Aciddentally formatting” their main hard drive. If you know what you’re typing, you know what’s going to happen…


I’ve not been able to use disk utility (in windows 7) to create a FAt32 partition.

I will second the “use Gparted” option.


No bullshit, I had the SAME EXACT problem as you did. Get Easeus Partition Master 6.5.2 Home Edition. Format it to FAT32 from NTSC. Now it works for me. Program is free btw.