Hard drive recovery services


Before you do ANYTHING…

Use this program: http://spinrite.info/

Interesting, have you used it?

Yes… it has fixed MANY of my hard drives…

I’ve had people who send their drives out for $300 service… and this program succeeds when they fail.


I don’t think it would help at all if you paid 100’s of dollars for service only for the problem to be unfixable. Hope something works out. I have a corrupted hard drive or 2 that I should try fixing myself.


If you want, if you still cant fix it, you can send it to me and I’ll see what I can do with it.

Sure, do you think you could replace motor heads and crazy tiny stuff like that?

Nope… but I’ve noticed that a lot of these services that replace that kind of stuff are only good with the hardware. I’ve had people send out for these services, and they replace all the heads and circuitry… and yet they cant get the data. Then I play with the drive and I recover everything.