Hard drive?

Was wondering that since everything is installed on a harddrive, would there be any problems with swapping the drive off one pc and placing it in another as the master? It should boot up fine and still have whatever OS it has, right? Probably a dumb question but I’m planning on selling my pc and wanted to know if that’ll work or would I have to reformat the drive again?

If it’s windows XP, it might have to ask you to reactivate your windows since the computer you switch to has completely different hardware, and Windows has a countermeasure to make sure you reactivate incase you are using a pirated key.

Yea, just thought about the hardware thing. Oh well, guess I’ll reinstall everything.

More often than not you can’t spawn hard drives into new systems and have them work. The architecture of the main boards is usually too different to work right.

Now and then you will get a swap from two systems with similar mb chipsets to work, but it’s a crap shoot, I’ve found.

Actually a lot of the time you can move a hard drive to another PC. If it doesn’t work (ie always reboots due to different hardware) just run a Windows repair.

It will reinstall XP over the top and you won’t lose any data or have to reinstall any programs. You just have to load the right drivers for the new motherboard, etc.

The reason why most of the time it doesn’t work is mainly due to the chipset the motherboard uses and it’s HDD controllers. By doing a repair, it wipes this software and reloads the defaults. I do this very often at work so I know it’s possible.

You can use a tool called sysprep for this functionality… Check out the following two Google hits:

Basically, you are doing the same technique as the swapping of a motherboard, so following these procedures should give you the results you desire.

Thanks for all the help guys. I ended up not having to do this anyways but it’s really good to know. :tup: I just bought another pc with dual xp and vista installed. My question is that right now it has 2 gigs of ram so xp and vista should work fine but if I install more (which I’ll most likely do) would vista be the only one that works or would xp work and not acknowledge the rest of the ram (past 3 gigs, I think).

Both Xp & Vista will be limited to around 3gigs if they are the 32bit versions. To go beyond that you will need the 64bit versions. (xp x64 or Vista x64)

Edit : Your copy of Vista probably already has a 64bit install option.

Great. I don’t have the pc yet but I should get it by tomorrow if not Saturday to mess around with. I think it’s Vista ultimate but I don’t know if that’s a 64 bit or not yet.